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and the symbols that created it. My name is Randy Harris, this is my font foundry and I find letters fascinating, apart from their combining to form words and meaning. They can look old or funny, dignified or strange, weird or homey. I love them all. Except Comic Sans.

I was drawn to advertising, especially when it was big and up on signs, at a very young age.    

I loved comic books, movie posters, showcards. Later, I fell for art with words: Picasso’s, Raushenberg’s, Lichtenstein’s, Stuart Davis’s, Corita Kent’s. I’ve often “read” catalogs of typefaces just for fun.

And that was all before the Internet. With a capital “I.”

One day sometime around 1995, I went scrounging for free fonts on the Capital-I Internet and found an amazingly fun font called Good Dog. It was on a website named where I discovered some of the most fun fonts I’d ever seen. They were by a very talented young designer named Ethan Dunham. Ethan was just starting out making fonts and selling them and he was kind (and foolish?) enough to share his process. I bought a bunch of his fonts and a copy of Fontographer the first minute I could afford it and started making fonts myself.

Fast forward to present (and not a moment too soon). I’ve designed and generated well over 100 fonts to date. Some are terrible; they’ll never be seen by anyone but me.

On the other and positive hand, a bunch of them are, as we (former) Mid-Westerners say,

“Not too bad.” I’m in the process of making those even better (redrawing where necessary, adding European characters and re-kerning) and offering them for sale.

I’m grateful to John Collins and Sara Sobkowiak at for making the new fonts available and handling the business end. If you like really fun and well-made fonts, subscribe to their entertaining newsletter Rising Stars. Then, if you would be so kind, subscribe to my newsletter PopFonts. It’s fun and relatively painless. I’d love to hear any constructive or laudatory feedback. Please buy my fonts. Thanks.

Randy (aka J. Randall) Harris

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